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Basic Kerja

RM 50

I will Bantu draw you digital caricatures

Buy my basic kerja & get:

I will draw you a caricature in digital format, for head to shoulder of ONE person. The products that will be given are the two PNG files:

  1. 3500px x 3500px PNG of the caricature and simple background
  2. 3500px x 3500px PNG of the caricature and transparent background

Requirements: I will need a good reference to work with. The photo needs to be: 1. Clear 2. High quality 3. At least 1MB 4. Under good lighting.

I work based on the photo reference, so I can't do guesswork. The better the photo, the better the result(s).

NOTE: RM50 kerja is only for ONE person and head to shoulder format. Any intricate designs on clothes will not be replicated.

Message me for any questions before ordering.

Prefers: English and Malay

Standard delivery days: 5

Average delivery days: N/A

Modifications: 1 time

Completed orders: 0

Ongoing orders: 0