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Basic Kerja

RM 50

I will Bantu write blog content in English and/or Bahasa Malaysia

Buy my basic kerja & get:

I am a ghostwriter specialising in writing articles as contents for your blog/website.

GHOSTWRITER means I write for you, yet you can credit yourself or anyone without mentioning or crediting me. Yes, you have all the rights to the content provided by me.

My works focus on list of interesting facts based on the theme and nature of your blog/website.

My basic Kerja limit at 300 words. If you need a longer written article; please check my Kerja add-ons.

Some of my FREE ghostwriting services has been featured on numerous blogs. Here are some of the links:

Bantu Blog -

Vulcan Post Malaysia -

Remember, content is king.

By azamfah

Prefers: English

Standard delivery days: 4

Average delivery days: 5 days

Modifications: 1 time

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