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MHB is a digital (online) media that has been engaged for advertorials by many brands including Panasonic, Sony, Celcom, Leica, Nivea, Chevrolet, Olympus, Casio Baby G, Carlsberg, Asahi, Johnnie Walker, Kronenbourg 1664, Dolce & Gabbana, Hugo Boss and Gucci fragrances, Rimmel London, Ricoh, and many more top level lifestyle brands.

An exclusive community of female bloggers with common interests and a penchant for gracing exclusive events, enjoying happening parties and appreciating good food. Topics we blog about include fashion, beauty, gadgets, travel, food and beverage, social issues, relationships, and indeed everything about our various lifestyles. Formed in August 2010, to date MHB has over 60 female bloggers and opinion leaders aged between 18 to 37 years.

The bloggers are widely regarded as opinion leaders by their readers and their network of friends on social media platforms Facebook and twitter. MHB’s bloggers consists of working professionals including radio DJs, entrepreneurs, managers, executives, models, MCs, and even a psychologist while the younger members are fulltime students.We provide product reviews and advertorials on members’ blogs and support these with, tweets, status updates and links by our members, as well as photos and videos of events uploaded on our Facebook page.

As a simple comparison, just two (2) of Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers’ high readership members can get a total higher readership in a month than any English language magazine in Malaysia while being a more engaging read to readers yet costing a fraction of the price of any full-page full colour ad.

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