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RM 50

I will Bantu you create or update your resume

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Are you looking for an internship? Or, are you graduating and it is time for you to prepare your first resume for interview? Better yet, you already have a job and it’s time for a new challenge? If you are one of the above, I am here to help you to prepare / update your resume.

About Myself

Since graduation, I had been working in MNCs under different departments and in different countries. On my job, I had read countless resumes and understand what employers are looking for during candidate screening. It bothers me that the same mistakes keep popping up every time we browse through the resumes. 


Queensland University of Technology, Australia

2007| Information Technology with major in Management


Systems Analyst and Project Manager, Information Technology 2014 – Present

Project Manager, Facility 2012 – 2014

Program Officer, Sales and Marketing 2007 – 2012

My Certifications

1) Foundation in Business Analysis

2) Certified Scrum Master

Services Offered

1. Prepare a brand new resume from scratch

2. Update existing resume

3. Cover letter preparation

Next Step:

Interested? All you need to do is:

1) Send your current resume and/or cover letter to my email

2) Don't have a resume with you? Do pass me your email and I will send a questionnaire to fill up

I will be able to quote you and provide you options after the above


Services available as low as RM20. We strive for customer satisfaction. Feel free to contact me for further info

Additional info:

All information and communications will be kept strictly private and confidential. Looking forward to hear from you.

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Prefers: English, Malay, and Chinese

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