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Basic Kerja

RM 50

I will Bantu you with your Diploma/Degree Assignments :)

Buy my basic kerja & get:

As for now, I only accept assignments from Diploma students. 

Degree students are welcome to send me the questions. I will review the questions and get back on the very same day; whether to accept or reject the task.

What you'll be getting from this service:

1. The complete write-up

2. Citations and references/bibliography

3. Up to 3 times of modifications 

Additional info:

Max 500 word. Excluding tables/graphs.

Anything more than that I might charge an additional fee. 

IF you have opinions, you're welcome to share with me in either Chinese/Malay and I will write them down in English.

Apart from the write-up, I do expect students to share with me their point of view regarding the assignments as I needed to ensure students understand what is really going on. 

Note: I only accept ONE assignment at a time - quality of the write-up is important to me. 

Prefers: English

Standard delivery days: 7

Average delivery days: N/A

Modifications: 3 times

Completed orders: 0

Ongoing orders: 0