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Basic Kerja

RM 50

I will Bantu with building and designing Financial and Economic models for Academic and Industry Research.

Buy my basic kerja & get:

Economic and Financial Industry and Academic papers often require quantitative model that describes or predict real life economic and financial data. I offer detailed and relatively fast economic and financial quantitative modelling for industry and academic research papers.

The financial or economic quantitative model shall be built based on previous literature's models, as well as from theoretical grounds so that the quantitative model will be as realistic as possible.

All details of the model shall be provided, including but not up to, arguments and justifications of model design as well as details of variables and how to calculate them.

Additional info:

All files shall be in the form of Word or PDF, depending on the client's request.

By default, a maximum of 2 models is offered for every work. More models can be requested via add-ons

Prefers: English and Malay

Standard delivery days: 7

Average delivery days: N/A

Modifications: 3 times

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