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Basic Kerja

RM 50

I will Bantu you making gag cartoons!!!!!!

Buy my basic kerja & get:

Cartoons are the best medium to express yourself, promote your business, ideas, services and products.  Make people interested in you!

Gag cartoon or panel cartoon usually a single panel cartoon, with caption beneath drawing. Or you can have dialogue bubble without caption. Or maybe, just drawing without any caption or dialogue (pantomime).

With RM50, you will get:

- The artist's HEART AND SOUL in his drawing.

- The artist's DEEP THOUGHTS on your issues

- The CARTOON DRAWING SKILLS that developed throughout the artist's life.

- The JOY AND LAUGHTER brought into this world.

- A little investment for your MILLION RINGGIT BUSINESS

- ...and a little token for for their effort in making this platform.

Prefers: English and Malay

Standard delivery days: 3

Average delivery days: 1 day

Modifications: 1 time

Completed orders: 7

Ongoing orders: 0