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Hi! I'm aqils520

For those who love travelling but do not have the time to do your costing and research, I could provide the service for you. I have experience doing my own costing & itinerary, as well as leading a group of women and children travelling to Japan, Korea, UK, Paris, Australia and Brunei. I give particular attention in creating an elderly and children friendly itinerary. As someone with an accounting background, I also give attention to the costing and budgeting. Hence, I could BANTU on lowering your cost and at the same time, meeting your needs.

I just need information on your preference such as your preferred accommodation, specific interest (eg shopping, cherry blossom viewing) and your budget. I would do the research, do the costing, draw up the itinerary, provide maps, pictures of main places of interest, and give recommendations to tailor to your preferences.

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I will Bantu create a budget if you want to self travel but have no time to do costing

from RM 50

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