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Hi! I'm Ashikin

Ding-dong! Translator calling! 

Do you find it difficult to translate without losing its original meaning and being too literal? Searching for a dedicated and excellent translator? I am the one you've been looking for! 

Being a multi-skill freelancer, I am also able to do:

1. English to Malay translation 

2. Malay to English translation

3. Transcription from audio / video to MS Word / notepad / client’s preferred software

4. Copy-typing from image / PDF to MS Word / notepad / client’s preferred software

5. Data entry using MS Word / MS Excel

I believe in having positive thinking and being a detail-oriented person, I can complete any task with perfection. Furthermore, I love taking challenges as it will make me more focus in accomplishing my task. 

Below are my negotiable rates for translation, transcription and copy-typing depend on the workload and deadline:

1. Translation

1 word = USD 0.02

2. Transcription

1 hour = USD 25

3. Copy-typing

1 page (500 words) = USD 1

So, to all the possible clients out there, please do not hesitate to hire me and I’ll make sure to turn the “newbie can’t do it all” stigma around. Do not wait any longer. Hire me for the best and impactful result! Please contact me for any inquiry. Thank you (:

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I will Bantu to copy-type any documents into client's preferred software.

from RM 50

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By Ashikin
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I will Bantu to transcribe English and Malay audios and videos.

from RM 50

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I will Bantu to translate English to Malay text and vice versa.

from RM 50

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